Meet Lindsay

Lindsay has been hiking since she was little with her mom and sisters. She loves nature and the energy you feel as you walk through the trees or reach the summit of a mountain.

She has explored hikes in BC, AB, California, Europe, New Zealand and Australia....so far...

Lindsay loves anything outside, from hiking to swimming in the lake. She enjoys pretty much all nature related activities and is a yogini at heart. She has been practicing yoga on and off for 17 plus years and teaching for 8.  Yoga has helped her to quiet her busy mind and taught her to connect to herself on a deeper level. She believes in the healing benefits of both walking through the trees and awareness of your breath, connecting to your body, body to your mind and mind to your soul. 


Meet Daisy

Daisy is a nature lover and an outdoor enthusiast.  Her passion began as small child where her weekends were often spent on her parents back, hiking through the alpines or being towed on a sled behind her family while cross-country skiing. 

Along with being an avid hiker, Daisy is also a long distance runner and trail runner.  She has competed a variety of races and various distances over the last 5 years. 

A pivotal changing point in her life was a solo trip to a retreat in Costa Rica. She came back with a  renewed sense to inspire and encourage women and girls.